Please follow this link to the latest statement regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and it's impact on March for Water:

How far will you March for Water?

Set your distance, pledge your fundraising goal and get marching.

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Three simple steps to take part

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Choose your goals

You pick the distance. You pick the fundraising goal. You pick when to walk in March.

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Join the global movement

Go solo or join as a team and march in solidarity as a global community.

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Make a difference and help transform lives with clean water.

By stepping up, raising money and marching in solidarity we can transform lives for good

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How far will you pledge to walk this March?

Whether you walk 20km solo or 200km as part of a team, whether you do it along a river, in the gym, in your lunch hour or at the weekend - every step will make an impact.



That's how far some people must walk each day to the nearest water source

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That's the typical round trip that many women and young children have to make each day

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Droughts caused by climate change force many to walk over 8km just to gather water

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Or your own goal

Any distance counts, walk as little or as much as you want to.

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Why March for Water?

Make a difference to yourself and others

As Spring arrives and days get longer, pledge to walk further in March to reconnect with nature and feel the rush of fresh air in your lungs. Not only will you feel better for it, but you'll be joining a global movement of people determined to help change lives with clean water.

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1 in 10

people don't have access to clean water

That's 785 million people who have no choice but to make long, tiring, and often dangerous journeys to remote water sources - and then haul heavy cans or buckets back home. It's a journey that for some is an eight kilometre round trip, denying them the chance to keep safe, stay in school or in work.

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Show the world you're making a difference this #MarchforWater